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Headless Inventory Management: How Distributed Truth Helps Multi-Channel Retailers Operate Efficiently

Headless commerce has been a hot topic among retail brands. And with the explosive growth of eCommerce this year, even more so.

Headless commerce platforms enable your brand to manage data and experiences independently of the front-end systems that shoppers interact with

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How to Do Multi-Channel Inventory Sync in Retail without Adding Complexity

Today, customers shop across multiple channels: in-store, on your site using tablets and phones, and on Facebook, Amazon and eBay. This simplicity and choice on the customer side has become second-nature, but it means huge operational challenges on the retailer’s side.

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BOPIS in Retail: How to Create an In-Store Pickup Experience Rivaling the Big Brands

As a retailer, you’ve probably heard a lot about omnichannel commerce over the past few years, and one of the key topics in this field is the rise of Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS). 

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How 100% Inventory Availability Can Help You Maximize Sales

Seventy-four percent of customers now shop across more than one channel during every purchase. This creates new demand-planning and experience challenges for even the most celebrated brands. 

If inventory isn’t available wherever your customer happens to be, sales are at risk—even if you nail every other aspect of the experience. How can you make sure stock is available everywhere at once?

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Social Selling: Running Successful Events with Facebook Live and CommentSold

Online consumers love video—and they really love it when it’s live. In fact, your brand can drive roughly 600 percent more interactions just by streaming video live instead of uploading a pre-produced clip.

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What Does Omnichannel Retail Actually Look Like?

Omnichannel retail is all about customer centricity. It provides a new framework for creating a business strategy built to meet customers’ needs and wants, in hopes of building strong relationships that result in a high average lifetime value.

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Customers Still Love Shopping at Brick-and-Mortar Stores—Here’s Why

Brick-and-mortar retail was supposed to be dead. But while many legacy retailers have had a rough go of it, modern retailers, including boutiques, aren’t just surviving. They’re finding ways to thrive. Research shows that for every company shuttering its stores, more than five other brands are opening new stores to fill that space.

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The Future of Retail: Orchestrating an Omnichannel Retail Customer Experience

Today’s retailers can’t survive without at least some elements of omnichannel retail at work in their stores. This is especially true for businesses operating multiple store locations.

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How to Identify Your Best Customers and Gain More of Them

Your biggest purchasers and most vocal brand advocates play a huge role in growing your customer base, so it makes sense to try to attract as many of these ideal customers as possible. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling.

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