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Evan Brubaker is co-founder and CEO of Accumula. He has architected solutions and technology stacks for retailers from Mainstreet to Madison Ave. He is obsessed with finding ways to improve both Customer and Employee experience.
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How Accumula Helps You Focus on Your Customers, Not Your Software

Your customers witness the power of technology on a daily basis. They use their smartphones to deposit checks, monitor their heart rate and REM sleep, and summon vehicles to pick them up wherever they’re standing.

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Unifying the Customer Experience: Instore + Online + Backoffice

You’ve got a thriving online site and you’ve started opening brick-and-mortar stores, so the hard work of “going omnichannel” is done, right? 

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4 Strategies to Build the Omnichannel Retail Stack of Your Dreams

Your most valuable customer is the one who will shop your brand in-store, online, and anywhere else you decide to go. 

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Why Your Customer is the Only Channel that Matters

Today’s shoppers have more ways than ever before to shop their favorite brands. With so many channels at their fingertips, customers expect a higher level of choice, flexibility, and convenience, no matter where they shop. 

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