5 Ideas for Creating the Ultimate Holiday Shopping Experience (In-Store and Online)

Every retailer counts on strong sales during the holiday shopping season. But small businesses can’t always count on a major advertising budget to compete with the retail giants like Amazon. 

However, whether you have one store or 100, you can delight shoppers by giving them a memorable shopping experience and personalized service.

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What Is Omnichannel Retail and Why Does It Matter? aka, The Story of Mary

Imagine a customer named Mary walks by your retail store on her way to work. She doesn’t have time to stop and shop, but a jacket in your storefront window catches her eye. 

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6 Ways to Drive In-Store Traffic to Your Retail Boutique

With so many online shopping options and so much social media out there, it’s easy to get distracted and forget just how important brick and mortar is to your business. With all that constant competition for attention, it takes more than the old retail playbook to attract visitors to your physical store. You’ve got to consistently reach out and experiment to keep growing.

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Why Brands are Doubling Down on Direct to Consumer as a Key Retail Channel

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling isn’t easy. It requires a lot of hard work in the marketing and messaging department and an uncompromising customer focus. Without the convenience of traditional distribution channels, DTC brands have to start from scratch. However, DTC continues to be a popular business model for new retail startups because it offers a number of unique advantages:

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Retail Unicorns: 5 Brands Leading the Charge

Image Source: Away Travel

You can learn a lot by studying the businesses that break the mold of traditional retail. Although your own brand might not be one of the “retail unicorns” that have grown into billion-dollar businesses, you can still borrow a thing or two from the businesses that faced an uphill battle—and won.

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Consumers Are Demanding a Better Experience—Here’s How Accumula Can Help

Despite dramatic transformations in retail strategy over the past few years, most retailers are still playing catch-up to meet customer expectations.

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5 Essential Tools for Growing Your Boutique Business

Operating a boutique with limited time and resources takes a lot of energy. Having the right retail technology in place can help you maximize your time and make your life easier. But with so many retail solutions out there, how do you prioritize the ones that will be most helpful for growing your boutique business? 

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How to Build Customer Loyalty Through Experiential Retail

Trader Joe’s isn’t your typical grocery store. Instead of offering a broad selection of items in a huge space, TJ’s curates its products carefully and makes them easy to find by keeping the store’s footprint small. And although many of the products are fairly standard, they’re presented in unique, branded packaging, and many products achieve cult status among customers.

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Live Chat and Chatbots: The New Unsung Heroes of Retail?

Your customers want quick, responsive customer service. But the expectation of prompt customer engagement can be a burden on your limited resources.

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