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eCommerce POS Integration: How to Integrate a POS with a Website

While eCommerce sales have been growing quicker than brick-and-mortar store sales in the past few years, this growth took a massive leap forward in 2020

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Headless Inventory Management: How Distributed Truth Helps Multi-Channel Retailers Operate Efficiently

Headless commerce has been a hot topic among retail brands. And with the explosive growth of eCommerce this year, even more so.

Headless commerce platforms enable your brand to manage data and experiences independently of the front-end systems that shoppers interact with

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BOPIS in Retail: How to Create an In-Store Pickup Experience Rivaling the Big Brands

As a retailer, you’ve probably heard a lot about omnichannel commerce over the past few years, and one of the key topics in this field is the rise of Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS). 

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How 100% Inventory Availability Can Help You Maximize Sales

Seventy-four percent of customers now shop across more than one channel during every purchase. This creates new demand-planning and experience challenges for even the most celebrated brands. 

If inventory isn’t available wherever your customer happens to be, sales are at risk—even if you nail every other aspect of the experience. How can you make sure stock is available everywhere at once?

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How to Identify Your Best Customers and Gain More of Them

Your biggest purchasers and most vocal brand advocates play a huge role in growing your customer base, so it makes sense to try to attract as many of these ideal customers as possible. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling.

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How to Simplify Boutique Operations to Save Time and Stress Less

Launching a boutique is hard work, and growing the business is even harder. But there are great tools out there that will simplify your workload and help you accomplish more in less time—even if you’re starting out as a one-person operation.

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Relevancy is King: 4 Ways to Use In-Store Data to Drive Personalized Marketing for Your Brand

Data can tell you a lot about your online customers: what products they view, which purchases they make, and what their wildest hopes and dreams are. (Okay, we’re not quite there ... yet.) But many brands are flying blind when it comes to understanding their brick-and-mortar customers. 

This doesn’t have to be the case. With a few changes to your physical store, you can start gathering data similar to the kind your online store automatically provides, which will allow you to create personalized marketing for in-store customers

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6 Ways to Drive In-Store Traffic to Your Retail Boutique

With so many online shopping options and so much social media out there, it’s easy to get distracted and forget just how important brick and mortar is to your business. With all that constant competition for attention, it takes more than the old retail playbook to attract visitors to your physical store. You’ve got to consistently reach out and experiment to keep growing.

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5 Essential Tools for Growing Your Boutique Business

Operating a boutique with limited time and resources takes a lot of energy. Having the right retail technology in place can help you maximize your time and make your life easier. But with so many retail solutions out there, how do you prioritize the ones that will be most helpful for growing your boutique business? 

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